Hard Day’s Night of the Soul?

To counter the horrid most recent revelations and scandal — which are obviously of infinitely greater import — a couple of surreal but somehow comforting, to me at least, Papal announcements.

After decades of anathema if not animosity, the Vatican, reportedly with the literal blessing of the Holy Father himself, has embraced the Beatles.

Among several choice quotes from the L’Osservatore Romano article, I was struck by this nugget, which had me wondering whether they’re following Lefsetz over at the Holy See:

Forty years later the Beatles still astound with their originality and they are a consolation against the continual assault on music lovers by the record industry.

This comes on the heels of the mid-February release, also in L’Osservatore, of the Vatican’s all-time pop record top 10 list. No, Nick Hornby did not guest edit this issue, it’s the real deal. And here’s the talley:

10. Santana Supernatural
9. Oasis (What’s the Story) Morning Glory
8. U2 Achtung Baby
7. Paul Simon Graceland
6. Michael Jackson Thriller
5. Donald Fagen The Nightfly
4. Fleetwood Mac Rumors
3. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon
2. David Crosby If I Could Only Remember My Name
1. The Beatles Revolver

Now, even if I neglected Carlos and the Gallaghers, I don’t think I’d go postal on a desert island with this lot. And while certainly Achtung and Graceland aren’t their authors’ crowning achievements, and The Nightfly leans a little close to rock snobbery, to me it’s an arrestingly inspired choice as runner-up: Crosby’s criminally overlooked, totally amazing solo debut, a major fave here at Vampire Blues.

— CL