the other white album

“I can say without too much hesitation that Gilberto’s White Album is the best Bossa Nova album ever recorded. I spent countless hours listening to it and sincerely  I can’t get tired. It simply gets better each time I play it. This  masterpiece starts with the most beautiful interpretation of the greatest brazilian song of all times “Águas de Março”. Whispering the lyric and slowing the samba rhythm down with his minimalistic guitar style, João turns Tom Jobim’s song in to a magical happiness formula. It ‘s a must have! “                                                                                                                                                                                                                       – Matias Corral – photographer

“Among the hundreds of Brazilian records that I own,  Joao Gilberto’s 1973 “Aguas de Marco”  (a.k.a The White Album) is the one that I always go back to.  I think I love everything he’s ever recorded but this one seems to capture a little something extra.  Just guitar, voice, and hihat for the bulk of the record.  What’s not to love?  There’s a rumor that the hihat is played by a “drunk American” (Sonny Carr)  that he found on the beach right before the recording session.  Though I doubt it’s veracity it certainly makes for a good story.”
Robert DiPietro – drummer/musician