Fairport Convention, Precursor to Lightning Bolt?

Not kidding, hang in through this performance from the 1970 Glastonbury Festival and watch sparks fly off Dave Swarbrick’s fiddle and total electric mayhem/dancing abandon in the field below. At the moment the electric guitar starts ripping the twin solo, Fairport Convention might have outheavied the Crazy World of Arthur Brown that weekend, a totally blasted performance. Taken from the amazing Glastonbury Fayre doc from 1972 directed by Nicholas Roeg and Peter Neal; Gong, Family, Melanie, and Terry Reid also make appearances. Track it down if you can, it’s a spectacle of sight and sound where the crowd are equal stars: dancin’ druggin’, flopping around in mud. One guy’s naked on stage talking with a chicken into the mic.  Surely the Utopian antithesis of Gimme Shelter. (Brian Turner)

Fairport Convention – Dirty Linen by