Reflections on the Flying Lizards

As Mark Allen points out in this fascinating and extended look inside the world of the Flying Lizards, few musical projects could wed Marcel Duchamp, 99 Records/downtown aesthetic, and Donna Summer in such a seamless fashion. I first heard the Lizards back in college (and used a goofball take on Barry Gooding Jr.’s “Money” in a video class project), and over the years just never quite saw much info in media to give me a more concrete idea of what they (or rather David Cunningham, the auteur of the ‘band’) were about. Last year I got really hopped up on the Lizards again when Cherry Red put out an anthology that included their first two records (I had never heard the second), and rereading this article puts Cunningham in a very focused place in my mind now. It doesn’t seem there’s an official site, but Mark (thanks for the repost permish, the overview was orginally written for Sound Collector magazine) has also thrown up some links to other articles and discography here (Brian Turner)