Rowland S. Howard pedal

Vampire Blues isn’t usually the place for music gearporn, but in this case, you’ll have to excuse us:

Anders Reuss: I got the idea when I heard about the Autoluminescent movie just before New Year’s. That made me dig into Rowland’s music once again and because I am very interesed in guitars and pedals and amps I wanted to find out what pedals he used. And because I had a new found interest in building guitar effect pedals for myself as a hobby, I got the idea to build an MXR Distortion Plus and a Blue Box clone. The next obvious thought was to build them together in one box. It only took a quick search at Google to find the schematics and a source for the printed circuit boards. I was also lucky to find some new old stock Panasonic transistors of the type that was used in the original 70s blue box, to make the circuit vintage correct and sounding like Rowland’s. My prototype – and so far only pedal in existence – was completed in February.

Clearly, the pedal will never replace the player, but it’s great to see homage to one of my fave axemen of the ages. (Brian Turner)