Spectre Folk + Chris Lee LPs on Vampire Blues

Vampire Blues, Steve Shelley’s new record label after running Smells Like Records for 20 years,  celebrates the release of two new lps this July 31:  Spectre Folk’s ‘The Ancient Storm’ and Chris Lee’s ‘Bury the Kings’. Both records to be released  as vinyl LPs (with download cards) and as digital downloads. Steve produced the Chris Lee LP and plays drums on both records. The first Vampire Blues release was a 7″ by Hallogallo 2010, a group assembled by Neu! guitarist Michael Rother with Shelley + Aaron Mullan. Later in 2012 Vampire Blues releases ‘Disappears in White/Light’, a collaboration recording with Chicago groups Disappears, White/Light along with Steve Shelley. Vampire Blues records are available  at our web store and via Revolver USA/Midheaven.com.


Spectre Folk’s ‘The Ancient Storm’ LP is the first full-length by Pete Nolan (of Magik Markers) along with Peter Meehan, Aaron Mullan (of Tall Firs) and Steve Shelley. The 6 song LP comes with a free download card that includes 5 bonus songs not on the LP.

Spectre Folk  – The Ancient Storm

1. Inchin’ Worm
2. Mantraphonics
3. Please Come Home
4. Gyspy Grammar
5. Knife
6. Trees with 12 Bones

bonus free downloads
7. Display Case
8. Fourth Dimension Refs (Alternate Mix)
9. I Don’t Know
10. Lazy Killer Bees
11. I Don’t Know (Demo)


Chris Lee’s ‘Bury the Kings’ LP is the 4th full length by Chris Lee.  The LP was produced by Steve Shelley at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon studio and features Chris on vocals and guitar backed by David Nagler on keyboards, Aaron McClellan on bass, Joey McClellan on guitar and Shelley on drums.

Chris Lee – Bury the Kings

1. Antony Flew
2. Bonnie Brown Eyes
3. (I Love the Way You) Bring Me Down
4. Sadie
5. Bury the Kings
6. Aubade
7. Culloden
8. Don’t Go Back Again

To pre-order either LP from Midheaven, click here and here.