Los Exitos de Sex Pistols

It seems that a Spanish record company opted to hire a knockoff band to re-record Never Mind the Bollocks, rather than actually pay the Sex Pistols to license it. In a move akin to some of the K-Tel-style greatest hits (or the pseudo K-Tel compilations not recorded by the original artist in the ’70s), “Los Punkrockers” were brought in to record this 1978 piece of amazing vinyl, Los Exitos de Sex Pistols.

I dare say this genius record ups the snot buy Valtrex online factor: the guitar sounds cruder and almost plugged right into the board, the singer sneers and throws some curveballs into the lyrical scheme (the chorus of “Pretty Vacant”).  It was already of questionable legality to start with but bootleg LPs appeared later on (as Stuart from Shit-Fi documents in detail). Too bad the Clash, Damned, et al didn’t get the same treatment and a few more paychecks for Los Punkrockers. (Brian Turner)

MP3: “Holiday In the Sun”

MP3: “Pretty Vacant”