Buffalo Springfield’s Back

And checkout the rest of the lineups for this year’s Bridge benefit, which with the possible exception of Billy Idol(?!), look incredible…

The Oct. 23 show features Springfield, Pearl Jam, [Lucinda] Williams, Costello, Haggard and Kristofferson, Jackson Browne with David Lindley, Billy Idol, Modest Mouse and Grizzly Bear. The Oct. 24 lineup replaces Williams, Browne-Lindley and Idol with Elton John and Leon Russell, who will be part of T Bone Burnett’s Speaking Clock Revue, also featuring Stanley, Costello, Neko Case and “Crazy Heart” star Jeff Bridges.


More Posts About Biking and Food

I finally got a bike a couple weeks ago. I love it, and though I haven’t ridden it anywhere exotic yet, it did help me finally get to the Red Hook ballfields.

I’ll admit, in addition to the number of local friends who ride, I was also inspired by noted bicycle enthusiast David Byrne. Since nothing would please me more than riding around Buenos Aires, I’ll probably spend time listening to his new Bicycle Diaries audiobook complete with ambient accompaniment (though not on my iPod while coasting down Atlantic Avenue, of course).


Holy Smokey

Steve’s been telling me for months to check out Elvis Costello’s new TV gig. I’d seen a few clips via YouTube, and while entertaining, none of them struck me as essential. Until this…

Dylan called him America’s greatest living poet, but I think this proves he’s might also be our greatest living singer.

And what an amazing moment for our pal Jesse Harris. He simultaneously gets to hear his tune through sublime pipes and the implicit endorsement of a master songwriter.


More Mad Men

David Hare
published an elegant apology for the haute-soap in Wednesday’s Guardian.


Rat Girl

Here’s a super smart review of Kristin Hersh’s new memoir.

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More Songwriting

A couple of good recent articles about lyrics and music, one in the New Statesman and another in the Wall Street Journal.


Songwriting School

For me, a classic song has always been one that shines through any conceivable arrangement. And since I had John Martyn in my ears this morning, here’s exhibit A.


The New Sound

Searching for the new sound. I think the Mighty Boosh has found it!


Mad Men Mondays

The New Republic has taken to recapping every episode this season. Here is this week’s. Further proof that the show has officially established itself as pop culture artifact of choice for the liberal intellectual?

Alas, I couldn’t stay interested much past the second season — how can you build an ambitious show around actors as dull as Hamm and Jones, who are at best just above soap-opera grade? Slattery can’t carry it by himself, although he damn near does. Kartheiser and Moss, while promising, both have a ways to go.

Another victory for slick production and media groupthink?


Bella Pearl Interprets Sivert Hoyem.

Bella Pearl interprets the great song, “Moonlanding” from Norwegian singer, Sivert Hoyem.  Sivert sang for the kick ass band, Madrugada from the late ’90’s to late ’00’s.  Here’s the official version.  Click.  And here’s Bella’s version.  Click. Enjoy both versions.  They are both awesome in different ways.  By the way, see if you can tell which great ’60’s and ’70’s singer, Bella is channeling in her delivery.