Kurt Vile Rules

Kurt Vile will be one of your favorites when his new record comes out next year. October will bring a single with a taste of the record. The Matador blog tells the tale. Click here to see.  For previous Kurt Vile awesomeness, click on this.


The Collected Touch and Go

A lovely complete edition of this seminal zine was recently released. Folks in the NYC area can attend a launch party tonight at powerHouse Books in in DUMBO (Brooklyn).


Cee-Lo the Subtle

In case we ever wanted to know what a collaboration between the Isley Bros. and Redd Foxx would’ve sounded like…

And as Lefsetz pointed out, been there done that.


Vampire Blues Twitter

Our neighbors – Vampire Blues (steve shelley’s new record label) has a twitter site . The first release on the label is a 7″ by Hallogallo 2010 – a group made up of Neu!, Harmonia guitarist michael rother , steve and aaron mullan. Following in 2011 is a retrospective of L Seven – the Detroit group from the early ’80’s.

Goat Sounds Like A Man

In case you think I’m an uptight AARP member, I’m posting this to keep it real. Click on this goat.


Asshole Of The Day!

Click on me and you’ll get the point.


O’Reilly and Fox trump free speech again.

So let’s get this straight.  In our “democracy”, if you don’t agree with noted scumbag, Bill O’Reilly, and his scumbag boss, Rupert Murdock, you end up getting canned.  That’s what happened to straight up journalist, Barry Nolan, who literally just called bullshit on the king of conservative propaganda.  And in the new world of Fox News, he doesn’t have to defend himself, he just has to go to the top and get Mr.Nolan eliminated.  Click on this and weep for our freedom of speech.  Make no mistake about this, free speech is under the crosshairs of the bad guys.


The Next NY Mets Manager, I Hope.

If Mets fans are lucky, this member of the great 1986, World Series winning team will be their next manager. Is he a live wire? A nutjob? DUI’s and Bankruptcies? Yes He Can!!!!!! Click to see the great Wally Backman in action!


Bob the Beat

A long excerpt from Sean Wilentz’s new Dylan book is up at the New Yorker.

And in case you missed it, here is Wilentz’s great Oxford American article on the making of Blonde on Blonde.

— CL

This week’s Darwin Award goes to……..

Plastic surgeon to the stars was no brain surgeon when he tweeted a picture of his dog while driving in the hills of Malibu, causing himself to lose control of his car.  If you are moving and texting, you better be a passenger because that shit is dangerous and a dumb way to cause injury or death. Read it and weep.