nyc ramen

One of my favorite nyc restaurants is featured in the New York Kitchen blog. You can often find me at Rai Rai Ken enjoying the miso ramen, watching the cooks maneuver thru their tiny workspace and listening to the odd + sometimes eclectic background music (afro-beat, electronica, dance + indie). Rai Rai Ken is located at 214 East Tenth Street in NYC. Thanks to eric baecht for this find.


Dazed and Confused

A Guardian article on the lawsuit (finally) filed against Led Zeppelin recently by Jake Holmes. We used to listen to a CD in the van of Led Zep “sources”, and I remember Page and Co.’s audacity absolutely blowing my mind.

— CL

Starved for Attention

Friend of VB Lori Scacco has contributed music to “Starved for Attention”, a multi-media campaign forged by Doctors Without Borders to document global childhood malnutrition through a series of short films. You can see some of them here. Her song “Love’s Reprise” appears during the end credits.

Lori is from Atlanta and has played with Savath y Savalas and Seely. Her recent solo album Circles is an absolute masterpiece. Pick it up here.


— CL

White Light in Ann Arbor

My friend and sometimes bandmate (the high confessions, MhZ Trio, d-w/l-ss), Jeremy Lemos, recently made a trek to my home state with his group White/Light and visited one of my favorite businesses in Michigan- Zingerman’s.  Although my visits to Zingerman’s have lately been limited to telephone mail-order shopping, Jeremy was able to get the full-on in-person Zingerman’s experience. Throughout 2010 Jeremy has a been chronicling his travel and culinary adventures while touring with Pavement,  as their monitor engineer, for the Chicago Reader.


Classical Improv

An article in the Curator about renewing the balance between composition and improvisation in the classical tradition.

— CL

The Speed of Sound

An article in the Guardian details claims that “we’ve been listening to the immortal ‘King of the Delta Blues’ at the wrong speed.” Listen to a follow up discussion on WNYC here.

— CL

John Brannon profiled

Excellent extensive article on the punk singer, ex-Negative Approach and Laughing Hyenas and currently fronting Easy Action.

Don’t miss the live videos at the bottom of the piece!

— CL

New Faces

This is bittersweet news for us here at VB, given that we’re major Ronnie Lane fans. And unfortunately last year’s gig at Royal Albert Hall wasn’t terribly encouraging:

Here are the boys in their prime, circa ’72:

And here’s what Hitler thinks about the whole idea…

Rock Radio Revolution

Krist Noveselic wrote the following article for the Seattle Weekly on Classic Rock Radio Revolution.
Visit our own Radio Revolution at and


2010 Again

Let’s start 2010 over again.
What a beautiful day and night in NYC.

RIP Walter Sear
Walter Sear Mega-Mix at Blip.Fm