Or How About the Super Bowl?

A Guardian article on the Facebook campaign to have Iron Maiden open the London Olympics.

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Excited to see David Simon make the cover of the NYT Mag this weekend, though I would’ve preferred a beefier piece about his new HBO show, Treme.

Like the rest of creation, we’re huge fans of The Wire here at VB, and the thought of a guy like Simon turning his mind and eye to a place like post-Katrina New Orleans, equally beloved by us, is giddifying.

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Howto from the NYT.

more alex

I first heard the music of Alex Chilton and Big Star in our friend and booking agent Carlos van Hijfte’s apartment in Eindhoven, Netherlands. This is back in the day when sonic youth would sleep on floors as we toured across europe and the usa – I recall waking one morning to the strains of “Feel” from #1 Record and wondering to myself “what is this racket?” The music picked for that morning’s wake up call did not conform to our standard mid-80’s playlist.

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White/Light w/ ss at MCA Chicago 3/20 3pm

Steve will joined Chicago drone group White/Light for a special performance on March 20 at MCA Chicago as part of White/Light’s month-long sound exhibition.
More on White/Light’s MCA installation here

r.i.p. alex chilton

Obit here.

hall of fame

In: Iggy, Genesis, ABBA, and better embarrassingly late than never, Otis Blackwell. From the NYT.

she’s back

And a New Yorker profile here.