Roy Harper live 1978

Saw Roy in NYC in the late 90’s solo/guitar and was one of the best live shows I ever saw. Here he is live on WDR Rockpalast in Cologne, 1/26/78, never released on DVD. As Led Zep said, Hats Off (to Roy)! (Brian Turner)

Some Progressive LP Product Placement in A Clockwork Orange

Pretty neat frame-by-frame analysis of Alex’s wander through the Chelsea Drug Store in Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. Fahey, Keef Hartley LPs abound, a Ned Kelly poster (Jagger had sung about the store).

Check out the piece at Feuilliton (and thanks to Larry DeMellier). (Brian Turner)

Happy 64th Birthday Eno

Two clips I hadn’t seen before this year, one being this recently surfaced promo video for “China My China” from Eno’s 1974 LP ‘Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy).’ Appearing as Brian’s “band” are Judy Nylon and Polly Eltes (Polly appeared on the album as guest vocalist on “Mother Whale Eyeless”):

And here’s one (just audio, no real clip) for “Seven Deadly Finns”, a non-LP 7″ release also from 1974 and a killer tune complete with an extended yodel. Wish a comprehensive Eno video anthology would just roll out, but that might be too much of the pop star thing to do, something he left long behind…(Brian Turner)

Atomic Guitars

From the London Review of Books blog


10cc Mini Doc

Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem

Four beautiful and rarely seen music videos of our favorite French duo Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem:


Milos Forman’s Taking Off

For his first American feature in 1971, Czech director Milos Forman (later of The People Vs. Larry Flynt, Man in the Moon, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) documents the plight of a disconnected young girl (Linnea Heacock) on the lam from her parents (Buck Henry, Lynn Carlin) while flowing throughout footage of a series of musical auditions by other young girls (wayward or not, never really sure). I’ve always loved this movie stylistically (and just found the LP soundtrack which rules); it takes on a lot of the stream-of-consciousness jump segues of some of the Altman stuff with multiple stories going around a carousel. Poking your head so to speak into assorted rooms just to get a glimpse of something going on, sometimes outrageous, sometimes just kinda droned out, before switching channels again. Buck Henry, Georgia Engel (remember Ted’s wife on Mary Tyler Moore?) Audra Lindley (Mrs. Roper) all put in great performances as the parents who try to trace the roots of their kids’ discontent while simultanously having their own discoveries (Vincent Sciavelli coaches them all on pot smoking). The auditions that weave in and out are amazing though, real snapshots of teens in gawky/brilliant songform that capture their collective teetering between hippie/radical liberation and traces of Puritanical upbringing (in a way it reminds me of a precursor to the updated/new-wave-screamin’ teenage crowd in Devo’s Girl U Want video!) Both Carly Simon and Kathy Bates (listed as “Bobo Bates”) put in early appearances as singers. (Brian Turner)

Nick Cave on The Pop Group

as Tim Hinely says, well worth watching. (BT)

Disappears – Euro Tour and Shows w/ Lee Ranaldo Band, Chicago Summer Show

Disappears video for ‘Replicate’ –

Disappears 2012 Tour Dates:

June 29 Oslo, Norway – Gut Feeling Festival at Revolver

June 30 Bergen, Norway – Perfect Sounds Forever launch party

July 2 Hamburg, Germany – Westwerk with Lee Ranaldo Band

July 3 Schondorf, Germany – Manufaktur with Lee Ranaldo Band

July 4 Köln, Germany – Gebäude 9 with Lee Ranaldo Band

July 5 Berlin, Germany – Lido with Lee Ranaldo Band

July 7 Utrecht, Netherlands – Ekko

July 8 Eindhoven, Netherlands – Effenaar

July 10 Athens, Greece – AN Club

July 11 Paris, France – Point FMR

July 12 Bordeaux, France – I Boat

July 13 Spain – Benicassim Festival

July 20 Chicago, IL – Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival (Logan Blvd. + Milwaukee Blvd.)

July 20 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle (midnight show)

Disappears lp ‘Pre Language’ now available on Kranky Records.

‘Pre Language’ is Disappears first LP with Steve Shelley. Basic tracks were recorded in Hoboken, NJ with Aaron Mullan engineering and John Congleton mixed the new lp in Dallas, TX.

Listen to opening track “Replicate” here at Brooklyn Vegan.


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Rowland S. Howard pedal

Vampire Blues isn’t usually the place for music gearporn, but in this case, you’ll have to excuse us:

Anders Reuss: I got the idea when I heard about the Autoluminescent movie just before New Year’s. That made me dig into Rowland’s music once again and because I am very interesed in guitars and pedals and amps I wanted to find out what pedals he used. And because I had a new found interest in building guitar effect pedals for myself as a hobby, I got the idea to build an MXR Distortion Plus and a Blue Box clone. The next obvious thought was to build them together in one box. It only took a quick search at Google to find the schematics and a source for the printed circuit boards. I was also lucky to find some new old stock Panasonic transistors of the type that was used in the original 70s blue box, to make the circuit vintage correct and sounding like Rowland’s. My prototype – and so far only pedal in existence – was completed in February.

Clearly, the pedal will never replace the player, but it’s great to see homage to one of my fave axemen of the ages. (Brian Turner)