Ten Records

a list of essential recordings that helped change how I hear things – some from a long time ago and some from more recently…


1. Melody Nelson – serge gainsbourg + jane birkin

runner up : Percussions – serge gainsbourg,  jane birkin/serge gainsbourg aka Je t’aime… moi non plus

2. Blues Run the Game – Jackson C Frank

runners up: any Nick Drake LP, Karen Dalton – It’s So Hard to Tell Who’s Going To Love You The Best


3. Ethiopiques 4:  Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale 1969-1974- Mulatu Astatqé


some of the music on this collection was used in the Jim Jarmusch film Broken flowers

runners up: any volume in this series


4. The Singles – Sun Ra

2 takes of Love in Outer Space:


5. Live at the Old Quarter – Townes van Zandt

bonus studio version of Kathleen: http://youtu.be/QIi4cAK1vik

runner up: The Flatlanders – More A Legend Than a Band


6. VU + Another View – Velvet Underground

2 posthumous collections of velvet underground music – mostly surprisingly catchy and strong songs left off of proper VU albums.

runners up: John Cale – Fear, John Cale – Paris 1919


7. Forever Changes – Love

Neil Young was originally going to produce this LP and although he dropped out due to Buffalo Springfield commitments he did arrange the song The Daily Planet.

runner up – Odessey and Oracle – The Zombies


8. The Modern Lovers – The Modern Lovers (Jonathon Richman and)


runner up: Kill City – the Stooges


9. Remain in Light – Talking Heads


runners up: Fear of Music, More Songs About Buildings and Food – both by Talking Heads


10. Music for Your Mother – Funkadelic


runner up: Osmium – Parliament




entertainment – gang of four

os afro sambas – baden powell + vinicius de moraes

comme a la radio – brigitte fontaine w/ areski + the art ensemble of chicago

second edition – public image ltd.

ege bamyasi – can

plastic ono band – john lennon




The Lost Art of Songwriting

Reading Evert Cilliers’ eccentric take on the history and condition of pop songwriting is the most taxonomical fun I can remember having since Joe Carducci’s Rock and the Pop Narcotic. Outrageous omissions bump up against blatant contradictions busily competing with absolute howlers of bad judgement. But the passion and sheer audacity is winning. 

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Hitchens, Havel and Kim

Still another thing to regret about losing the lovably confounding and unsurpassingly life-affirming Christopher Hitchens (1949 -2011) is wondering what new heights of passion and virtuosity he would have reached in writing about the near-simultaneous passing of Kim Jong-Il and Vaclav Havel, two looming icons of of 20th century communism. We are poorer for being deprived of that essay.

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Hard Day’s Overdrive

Randy Bachman (of The Guess Who + Bachman-Turner Overdrive) enthuses about The Beatles, visiting Abbey Road’s beatles archive and the magic chord.


“Hear it in my spirit”

Randomly decided to take in Talk Talk’s masterpiece Spirit of Eden this morning. It had been awhile, and I’m still reeling. Enjoy…


Happy Birthday, Mr. Waits!

happy birthday wishes to one of our favorite musicians and one of our favorites of those of us on this earth.


Charles Bukowski via Dangerous Minds (thanks to WFMU)

Dangerous Minds posted this video of NYC found footage compiled of film by Arthur Lipsett and Gregory Markopoulus along with Charles Bukowski’s reading of ‘Something For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks And You’

Let England Shake

Much like Tree of Life, this is not a matter of merely being better than anything else on offer, but of setting standards so high it’s hard to know if it’s even the same artform.


Mirel Wagner

sunday cleaning out my demo + submissions box and found this gem from Finland, really beautiful recordings + songs by Mirel Wagner …


Bonnie Brown Eyes

Track from forthcoming Vampire Blues LP featuring Chris Lee, Steve Shelley, David Nagler, Aaron McClellan, and Joey McClellan. Recorded and mixed by Ted Young.